„De Ris geet op d’Rees“ interactive adventure trail

A creative Giant trail through the municipality that can be experienced in the long term.
Join the Giant on his journey!
We take a very close look at the stations in the municipality of Bettembourg, where Lucien Czuga and Andy Genen send the Giant on its journey in the comic. The aim is to recreate the journey in reality and thus give the reader the opportunity to experience the trail live.
Visit us in Bettembourg, experience the Giant’s journey and discover various works of art that take up relevant scenes from the comic and have been transferred into the real world throughout the municipality.


The trail is also accessible by bike, pram or wheelchair.
If there are any detours or other disruptions, information will be provided via the municipality’s Facebook page.

This map shows the path that the Giant takes through Bettembourg with his friend, Lori the parrot.

Due to construction work at the Hammerel Bridge and its surroundings, diversions have been set up around Parc Jacquinot and Bettembourg train station.
Please follow the signage.

  • The small loop of the trail is 6.7 km long.
  • The longer one is 9.7 km and also offers a detour to the “Stréissel” nature reserve.
  • The official starting point is at the football field near the Parc Merveilleux.

Just follow the signs with the Giant’s hat or the BB1 sign. They will show you the way.

How to get there?

  • By bus: Line 550 (bus stop: Parc Merveilleux)
    More information at: mobiliteit.lu
  • With the free shuttle from Bettembourg train station (Always on Sundays and public holidays; during the season of the Parc Merveilleux from the end of March to the beginning of October)
    More information at: parc-merveilleux.lu
  • On foot: from Bettembourg train station it is 2.2 km to the starting point. The walking time is about half an hour.

Great impressions in the photo gallery.

We are looking forward to seeing you! ☺

What you’ll see along the route

“De Ris vu Betebuerg”

The song of the Giant

Did you know that the Giant has his own song?
Sing it with us, whether on the adventure trail, with friends or at home.

The Giant invites you to sing along to the song written by Al Ginter.
A real catchy tune! ☺

The Bettemburg comic strip with Luxembourg’s greatest hero

Text: Lucien Czuga
Illustrator: Andy Genen

Everyone knows the most famous inhabitant of Bettemburg.
He is almost 10 meters tall and lives in the fairy tale park.
Yes, that’s right, it’s the giant. The colossus with the red cap, the long brown boots, the light blue sweater and the checkered pants. He is the trademark of the « Parc Merveilleux », which was opened in 1955.
The new comic strip « In the giant’s footsteps » was created around this striking figure as part of « ESCH2022 – European Capital of Culture » based on an idea from the ASBL « Les Trésors de la BD ».

The comic is available in three languages (LU, FR, EN) in stores, as well as in the Parc Merveilleux and in the social bookshop « de Bicherkueb », rue de la Gare, Bettemburg.

The Giant and Lori as jumping jacks


  1. Print out the picture at home – preferably on somewhat thicker paper.
  2. Color the different parts of the giant
  3. Cut out along the dotted lines
  4. Put the dots / joints on top of each other and connect them with brass fastener